Vicky Beeching has a BA and MA in Theology from Oxford University. 

Vicky is a Visiting Research Fellow in Internet ethics at St John’s College, Durham University.

Her research focuses on the ethics of the internet, exploring how digital technology is impacting us as spiritual beings and as a society. Alongside her research fellowship, she is also enrolled in a part-time PhD program at Durham University.

As an energetic, fresh voice in theology, ethics and technology, Vicky has been invited to guest lecture at academic institutions in her areas of interest.

Guest Lectures Delivered:

Oxford University - “The role of ancient and modern Christian worship in today’s Church”, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.

Oxford University - “Theology in hymnody and its great importance”, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.

Royal Conservatory Of Music - “Songwriting for Christian worship”, Toronto, Canada.

Royal Conservatory Of Music - “The role of women in religious music through the ages “, Toronto, Canada.

Durham University - “Church leadership: Visible or invisible? Transparent or Professional?”, St John’s College, Durham.

Cambridge University (Wescott House) – Study day on social media, liturgy and Christian worship.


[Vicky also speaks in many other contexts; at festivals, conferences and TED-style summits. See her "Speaking" page for these ]