Welcome to my blog. I’m a writer, academic researcher, broadcaster and drinker of much coffee. I blog about culture, spirituality, technology, feminism, and being a person of honest and questioning faith. I don’t claim to have all the answers. Far from it. I am just a persistent asker of questions and a lover of passionate discussion about things that matter. And if that discussion involves making new friends and hearing new stories, then all the better.

This blog has won awards on both sides of the Pond, so apparently someone out there likes it. I hope you enjoy it too. On a good day it gets around ten thousand visits. Perhaps these are all my Mother, but I like to think they aren’t. Often the comments section gathers over between fifty and a hundred and fifty responses. Again, perhaps these are all my Mother writing under pseudonyms. But I live in hope that they are not. If they are, she’s certainly been busy.

After writing this blog for many years I have decided to do something rather odd. I am starting again almost from scratch. Deleting most of my archive; about 80% of the posts, just leaving some of the most popular posts.

It has been a long process of thought, but I feel it is right. Many of my previous posts have been based around images and videos, whereas this new version of the blog will be stripped back to let the text speak and the focus be on the words written. It feels like a fresh, crisp, new page.

Blogging is, in my opinion, about community and discussion. Reading words then responding with your own. So I would be delighted to hear your reflections in the comments section.

For information about the different things I do in academic work, broadcast journalism and speaking, see my other website here.