Would you put a QR Code on your gravestone?

Yesterday’s post about death and digital file access sparked some great comments. Check out that post if you haven’t. For all my posts related to this subject, click the Death link in the categories drop down. A new-ish development is the idea of interactive gravestones. A QR Code (standing for Quick Response) can be affixed […]

The web: murderer AND saviour of the music industry?

I’ve had a front row seat to watch the decline of the music industry in the States and the UK . Sadly, I can vouch for the massive impact that illegal downloading has had on labels, artists and all involved in music production. The internet, providing easy file sharing and the ability to get pirated […]

Greenbelt talk on ‘Wired Worship & Virtual Virtues”

Last weekend was the Greenbelt Festival held in Cheltenham. It was a really fun weekend, filled with friends, good coffee and inspiring community. I spoke there on the internet and how it relates to us as worshipping, spiritual beings. If you’ve read my technology related posts over the past five years, you’ll already have heard […]

Social media censorship

Last month there were clashes between tribes in Assam, a north-eastern state of India. Following this, messages were apparently sent using social media, threatening migrant workers that further attacks were in store. As a result, ethnic minorities are feeling vulnerable and thousands of them are leaving cities like Bangalore every day in a mass exodus. The […]

Pet Tech: Dead cat becomes a helicopter?

Every now and then the link between spirituality and technology can be seen in an unusual manifestation – here is one such example! I discovered it on Youtube as it’s been doing the rounds today and has gone viral. Nicknamed the ‘OrvilleCopter’ it’s the story of a dead cat, taken to a taxidermist, then modified into […]

My “Prometheus” Movie Review (spoiler free)

Last night I saw Prometheus in 3D, on its second night of showing here in the UK. It doesn’t release in the States until June 8th (usually the other way round – us Brits often have to wait weeks after the Americans have seen movies!) I was interested in seeing it because the film promised […]

A Viral Video Marriage Proposal

Technology has always had the power to help us dream bigger dreams and to do old things in a new way. This video has gone viral extremely fast – and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a marriage proposal that harnesses the power of music, friends, a moving vehicle and a whole lot more. […]

Internet Gives A Voice To The Terminall Ill

Social media has enabled us to hear the stories of people who live far from us. It’s helped those who are suffering to have a voice and for important causes to catch the attention of the masses. I discovered this documentary of self-filmed Youtube videos today. It’s called ‘Often Awesome’ and it tells the story of […]

Twitter Followers Can Now Be Bought

Social media is an amazing tool. I’m a huge fan of it, as you know. However, I’ve become increasingly saddened by recent developments about people buying followers on Twitter.This kind of practice means we start to undermine the very credibility we seek to gain online. I watched one Twitterer from the UK suddenly jump from a […]