Greenbelt talk on ‘Wired Worship & Virtual Virtues”

Last weekend was the Greenbelt Festival held in Cheltenham. It was a really fun weekend, filled with friends, good coffee and inspiring community.

I spoke there on the internet and how it relates to us as worshipping, spiritual beings.

If you’ve read my technology related posts over the past five years, you’ll already have heard most of my material, but I hope those of you who attended found it fun and interesting.

The MP3 is now available, so you can get it here if you would like to:

It costs £3.50 (around $5) and is an instant download. It’s a 60 minute talk, so I hope you think it’s worth the cash.

I’m very touched by your support. It’s been the ‘most downloaded talk’ of  Greenbelt 2012 which is a total surprise and a huge encouragement. I hope you enjoy the blend of worship related thoughts and internet related thoughts . I’ll be back at Greenbelt next year to share how my thoughts have developed over the next 12 months of academic research.