Radio 4 Thought For The Day, 23 Nov 2013

Vicky is a regular on Radio 4′s Today programme, the UK’s flagship morning radio news show, with over 7 million listeners. She delivers their Thought For The Day broadcast and is the youngest of their religious contributors. You can listen to it here. The script is below. The humble wardrobe was given magical significance by the story […]

Radio 4 Thought For The Day, 16 Nov 2013

[You can listen here] However chilly it feels to us in the UK at the moment, it’s nothing compared to the icy temperatures experienced by Prince Harry who recently spent the night in a freezer. This army training facility exposed him to temperatures of minus 35 degrees and icy winds of 45 miles per hour. It […]

Radio 4 Thought For The Day, 23 Oct 2013

[You can listen here] Back in the summer I found myself in an unlikely situation. I was standing outside London’s busy Bank tube station with the morning traffic whizzing past. The unlikely aspect of this was my outfit; I was wearing a red cape, a sword and a shield. Dressed up as Boudicca I was there […]

Cameron’s cyber-bullying advice

After the tragic suicide of Hannah Smith, we are all left asking huge questions about social media and the dark side of the Internet. I was heartened when I saw David Cameron was making a statement about Ask.Fm and cyber-bullying. But as I listened to his words I wanted to throw my coffee mug out […]

Why I’m not participating in #TwitterSilence

Due to the incessant trolling and abuse that’s been taking place against women on Twitter recently, today has been earmarked as a day to stay off the social network. The initial idea was Caitlin Moran’s (see tweet above) and I respect her greatly as she has dealt with a vast amount of social media abuse […]

The fight for feminism

It’s been a crazy few weeks. On Friday 5th July a group of us dressed up as ‘inspiring women from history’ and presented a box of 33k signatures to the Bank of England asking them to keep women on banknotes. We were led by my lovely and fabulous friend Caroline Criado-Perez. I dressed up as […]

Are we digitally “alone together” at home?

The 1950s living room is often used to represent a golden age of the family; gathered around one TV set, marvelling at the newness of the technology and having relationally connective conversation. This is clearly a very rose-tinted view of any 1950s home as our age-old relational dysfunctions were no doubt as present then as […]

Trolling, social media & super-powers

This week I wrote for the Independent on the ‘super-powers’ that social media give to us; namely the ability to act as though we were invisible. This piece explores trolling, morality and anonymity. Sir John Pendry has received the Institute of Physics’ most prestigious award for his work on an “invisibility cloak”. Such news makes my […]

On Writing: the scribbles and the spaces

Writing is a funny thing. Black marks on a white page. The scribbles and the spaces between them. Writing reveals and yet conceals simultaneously; for every word inscribed there is an accompanying silence sitting beside it. It is complex. That complexity probably accounts for why I haven’t written much for the past year or two. […]

Viral vicar’s wedding flashmob

This week I wrote for the Independent on ‘viral vicar’ Kate Bottley and the wedding flashmob video that took social media by storm. It got me thinking about the ways we approach church and whether or not we are gearing our services for a young, ‘digitally native’ generation. Church is usually assumed to be a […]