Technology that helps you meet your neighbours

hi_res_streetbank_logoOften online activity seems to draw us away from our physical neighbours.

It has a reputation for doing so as we spend hours in front of our computers communicating with people across the globe, but rarely actually walk our own streets and knock on doors to say hi.

Sometimes this isn’t the case…social media can really connect us to the people who live around us. But more often than not it seems to connect us with people who don’t live in our parish or local area.

Check this initiative – it’s a website that (1) helps the environment and (2) means you MEET your neighbours. Brilliant.

This video explains it all:

Their website is: if you fancy checking it out. It seems like a great initiative and hopefully more will be done along these lines to use technology to connect us both digitally and physically to those around us.


  • That sounds like a neat idea. I did not know that people were so friendly and neighborly in London. People are not always that way in some large cities in the USA. I live in a rural area. People in rural areas usually have some of the things that Sam Stephens borrowed or at least some similar items.

  • I can see how this could work in a college environment in effective ways for lending of textbooks. Great video…Thanks for sharing it

  • kimptoc

    Hi,  reminds me of, a vaguely similar site, but more about local discussions – neither seem to be that popular in my area :(

  • Tess@Streetbank

    Thanks for the blog Vicky – we’re delighted to be featured on here and hope your readers enjoy – we’ve posted your blog up onto our FB page and via Twitter so hopefully you’ll get some Streetbank afficionados following you soon too. Good work! From the Streetbank Team x

  • Beth

    Sharing is nice. Very neighbourly. 

  • I absolutely love this idea and will happily share it on my blog to.  Cheers Mich x

  • SarahLouise

    I really like this idea, it would be great if it could work in my local area. I think it probably needs a few neighbours to act as champions to tell other people around them about it but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work. People don’t know their neighbours because community is very much becoming community of interest rather than of locality now, but I agree with the comment that getting together as local communities is the only way out of our environmental problems.
    I’m going to check this out and pass it on! Thanks for sharing Vicky!