Vicky interviewed by The Church Times


The Church Times interviewed me about the place of social media, and especially Twitter, in Church.

Unfortunately it’s behind a paywall, so only available if you have a subscription to the Church Times (which I know many of you do).

Here’s the link to the piece:


  • Very expressively put..

  • Beth

    A comprehensive article for a newbie to church affairs to follow. The Anglican communion is broad and this lazy lay person needs the occasional pointer. I’m sorry to hear the fuss about Bishop Pete, whom I do not know.

    Mistakes escalate easily online with unwarranted consequences. Pertinent to the debate he became embroiled in, internet scandals are the product of becoming out of step with the ever slippery and intangible phenomenon referred to by the communications industry as ‘public opinion.’ As if we only held one!

    The internet can be a place of curious intimacy and frankness and disclosure, or merciless hounding as one is run through the corridors of the information super-highway with the tanning birch.

    While arbitrary punishments for out of step publicly held opinions are every now and then dispersed, Bishop Broadbent should be flattered the radiance of his holy star registers bright enough to provoke a discursive reaction. Other Christian groups – I am not singling out the Anglican ones – continue to inform their online soft spaces with policy, tid bits and gossip as if the rapture had already happened, and they were the only ones left!

    As a bruised half secular observer I can only watch, gasping and pointing and clicking, wondering if others have logged the same mistakes as me. I’m glad you are becoming an authority on this subject, Vicky. The church needs your enthusiasm and far-sightedness.

    Please, internet peeps, don’t forget. When you communicate, you have an audience.¬†

    With love,