One of the areas Vicky specialises in is digital marketing and the ethics of technology. She is regularly called on by Sky News, the BBC and papers like The Guardian to give comment on topical stories about technology, social media, and digital marketing.

Fascinated by the online revolution and the explosion of social media, she explores the ethical side of these new innovations; how are they affecting us morally and socially? What behaviours do they encourage? How can we use technology for good? How should children interact with these tools? Is anonymity always a bad thing? What about artificial intelligence – are we playing God or just reflecting his creative gifts? How can we combat cyber-bullying, trolling and online abuse?

Vicky is an advisor to think-tank DEMOS on social media ethics, working with their new Centre For the Analysis of Social Media (CASM). She also advises the Church of England, Lambeth Palace and other organisations on their use of digital media.

She believes in social media as a powerful tool for grassroots change, adding her 54k followers’ energy to a number of campaigns including ‘Women on Bank Notes’, ‘No More Page 3’, ‘Ban Lad’s Mags’ and ‘Yes To Women Bishops’. She has been interviewed on radio and TV about her work using technology as a catalyst for social change.

After studying at Oxford Vicky moved to the States in the early 2000’s and had a front row seat to watch the ‘digital revolution’ of social media sweep the USA. Living for several years in California, surrounded by these start-ups, she developed a passion for being an early adopter and believing in the positive potential of online communication.

Technology is both an academic passion for Vicky and a personal one; she’s a self-confessed geek and a lover of gadgets.



One area Vicky is passionate about is seeing technology as a tool, not the focus of blame. Arguing that every new tool from fire, to the wheel, to the printing press has the great potential for good or harm, Vicky often speaks into this area. Here she does so on Channel 5 News within the context of ‘kids and screens’ where new research claims that technology is ‘ruining our children’:

Vicky regularly speaks on technology. She was a speaker at Greenbelt Festival – an annual event that attracts twenty thousand people each summer at the Cheltenham Race course. Vicky’s seminar was on ‘Being real in a virtual world’; exploring ideas of technology and spirituality related to her PhD. She spoke to a packed venue with standing room only.

You can purchase her 60 minute talk here.


Vicky has spoken into the area of genetic engineering and GM food; a minefield of ethics and technology. This BBC 1 programme saw her defending the importance of these new explorations:


Vicky has given numerous interviews recently on the teen suicides relating from online bullying on sites like ASK.FM.

Sky News with Eamonn Holmes:

BBC Five o’clock News:


Twitter UK asked Vicky to take interviews on the anniversary of their 7th birthday and answer questions about social media’s potential and significance.

She spoke to Emma Crosby at Channel 5:


Think-tank DEMOS have invited Vicky to be their advisor in social media ethics for their new Centre For the Analysis of Social Media (CASM).


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 Find out about DEMOS’ new project here.


Vicky was the victim of abusive trolling, both when she lived in the USA and here in the UK.  She spoke about these online experiences and how they intersect with her technological research on various news channels.

 Sky News interview:

BBC News interview:

BBC 7 o’clock news



Vicky was a guest on BBC 1’s The Big Questions answering ‘is social media out of control?’. Her perspective on this was very much “no”; arguing that we get to use these tools as we choose, either for good or for harm.


Vicky writes for various papers, magazines and blogs on technology, including the Independent and Guardian.