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November 29th 2013

LBC Radio’s Roundtable Show with Ian Collins

Vicky is a regular guest on Ian Collin’s popular “Round Table” Friday night show.

She, and fellow guest Nick Pickles from Big Brother Watch, reviewed the week’s stories and the programme had its usual, great mix of serious comment mixed with fun and banter.

Stories they discussed including this week’s Supreme Court ruling on the gay couple/B&B case, the Church of England’s ‘Pilling Report’ on sexuality, George Osbourne’s cap on pay day loans, and Cameron’s plans for immigration/EU.

You can listen to the programme here.


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Dec 1st 2013

Radio 2, Clare Balding’s ‘Good Morning Sunday’ show

Vicky was Clare Balding’s guest on her weekly Radio 2 Sunday morning programme.

They discussed the week’s religious news –  Right Rev Pat Storey, the first female Bishop of the Church of Ireland consecrated yesterday in Dublin; the ‘Pilling Report’ published by the Church of England on Thursday; the start of Advent, and a story about a Priest in Salt Lake City that stunned his congregation.

You can listen to it here.



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Radio 4′s Today programme, Nov 23rd 2013

Thought For The Day

Vicky was on Radio 4′s flagship programme ‘Today’ delivering the religious reflection that features on every programme at 7.45am.

Her theme was on doubt and faith, focusing on C. S. Lewis.

You can listen to it here.


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November 24th 2013

BBC1′s Sunday Morning Live, 10am

Vicky was a guest on Sunday Morning Live, an ethical debate show broadcast live from BBC studios in Belfast.

She discussed ‘women bishops’, tackling arguments from Suzie Leafe (Director of REFORM, a prominent anti-women-in-Church-leadership organisation) and Angela Epstein (a self-declared ‘non feminist’, believing women’s roles within religion should be subservient to men and not involve spiritual leadership). Poet and activist Benjamin Zephaniah was also a panellist and agreed with Vicky that women’s roles within religion should not be restricted on the basis of gender.

You can watch the clip here:



November 20th 2013

Church of England General Synod – vote on women bishops

Vicky gave live interviews outside Church House on the developing story of the vote on women bishops legislation.

As the news of the vote broke, Vicky spoke live on both Sky News and the BBC News Channel, as well as various European networks, giving reflections on what the vote meant and on the mechanics of Church Synod and the theology of women bishops.

One clip of a BBC interview was featured on the BBC News homepage today. You can watch it here.

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November 17th, 2013

Sky News

Vicky reviewed the news papers on Sky News in three morning slots.

She discussed stories including Archbishop Welby’s call for people to donate 10% of their Christmas budget to Food Banks, the feminist debate sparked by Miley Cyrus and Lily Allen, the ‘Pope Francis effect’ on the Catholic church and more.

You can watch all three segments below.





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November 16th 2013

Radio 4′s Today Programme

Thought For The Day

Vicky was part of the Radio 4′s Today programme, broadcasting their Thought For The Day.

This slot is a daily reflection on a spiritual theme and happens each morning at 7.45am.

Vicky spoke about vulnerability, reflecting on the writings of Catholic priest Henri Nouwen.

You can hear it below:

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Click on the image above to listen, or click this link here.


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October 30th 2013

Channel 5′s News Talk Live

Vicky was a guest on Channel 5 discussing social media ethics and parental control of children’s social networking. Jamie Oliver was interviewed on his approach to raising kids in a digital age. Vicky shared some contrasting advice.

You can watch it online below:


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October 23rd 2013

BBC Radio 4′s Today Programme

Vicky is the newest member of the Thought For The Day team – a religion and ethics slot at 7.45am on each of the Today programme’s broadcasts.

She themed her first ‘Thought’ on her involvement in a feminism campaign and her academic research into the ethics of technology.

You can listen to it online here.


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Oct 20th 2013

Sky News

Vicky reviewed the newspapers at 6.40am, 7.40am and 8.40am.

You can watch below:

8.40am: STORIES  - Archbishop Justin Welby speaks out about energy prices / Mobile online shopping explodes for Christmas / Euthansia ‘death lists’.

7.40am: STORIES – Prince George’s christening / Robbery IN a prison / Titanic violin / Portion sizes in the UK doubling /Primary school teaching ‘conker lessons’.

6.40am: STORIES  - Cameron attacks “Mystic Ed” / Gloria de Piero’s excellent piece in the Sun / Katy Perry’s outfits / Waitrose Christmas dinner for your dog.


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BBC Breakfast, Oct 13th 2013

Vicky reviewed the newspapers on BBC 1′s BBC Breakfast.

You can watch below:


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Sky News paper review, Sept 15th 2013

Vicky reviewed the news papers on Sky, with hosts Stephen Dixon and Gillian Joseph, and Broadcaster and Comedian Iain Lee.

The paper reviews were at 6.40am, 7.40am and 8.40am. You can watch below.





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BBC 7 o’clock News

Sept 6th 2013

Vicky was interviewed about trolling, social media ethics and etiquette and the decision of her friend, Caroline Criado-Perez, to delete her Twitter account after continual threats and police allegedly losing screen-grabs she had sent them.

You can watch it here:


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Channel 5′s Newstalk, August 28th 2013

Vicky was a guest on Channel 5′s Newstalk.

Hosted by Emma Crosby, Vicky was invited to debate how children are affected by screen-time and how we can use technology wisely. The other guest was parenting expert Liz Fraser.

You can watch it below:



Clare Balding’s “Good Morning Sunday” programme, Radio 2, August 26th 2013

Vicky was one of three guests on the show who chatted with Clare about life and faith. The other guests were advisor to the White House, Jim Wallis and priest and broadcaster Rev. Richard Coles.

Vicky and Clare discussed technology, spirituality and the problems of Twitter trolling. They recorded the programme with a live audience at the Cheltenham race course.

You can listen to Vicky’s interview with Clare here.


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August 24th 2013, Greenbelt Festival

Vicky was a speaker at Greenbelt Festival, a Faith & Arts event that attracts 20k people each summer at the Cheltenham Race course.

She spoke on ‘Being real in a virtual world’ exploring ideas of technology and spirituality related to her PhD.

She spoke to a packed venue with standing room only.

You can purchase her 60 minute talk here.


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