// Journalism & Interviews //

Vicky writes for a wide variety of publications, including the following:

Comment pieces for The Guardian, e.g. this one.

Comment/Features for BBC Religion and Ethics Online e.g. on feminism & Christianity here.

Interviewed by BBC Online on social media and Anglicanism. Read it here.

Royal School of Church Music Magazine – article on social media & spirituality.

Worship Leader Magazine (popular USA publication) – regular column on women & Christianity.

Worship Musician (popular USA magazine) – regular articles on music & faith.

The Church Times – on social media & Church.

Fuse Magazine –  on social media, Christian faith & students.

Spring Harvest – various articles on worship, faith & social media for Spring Harvest sites & mailings.

Christianity Magazine – articles on social media, faith and Christian worship.

Musicademy (popular UK site) – on social media, spirituality and Christian worship. (popular UK webzine) – interviewed on social media, music and faith.

Relevant Magazine (popular USA publication) – on songwriting for Christian worship.

Guest blogs on many sites, e.g. charity Compassion on social justice and faith

// Books //

Approached by a number publishers, Vicky is considering working on her first book. Watch this space for updates.