Recently, a few people have asked if there is a way to support the LGBTQ equality work that I spend much of my energy on.

I’ll be honest with you: I find myself at a crossroads, unsure about whether I can sustain this type of work as the vast majority of it is unpaid.

I support myself by doing freelance corporate speaking and part-time consultancy, but the most meaningful part of my portfolio is coming alongside individuals, churches, politicians, and Bishops – and speaking out about equality in national media.

I’m not salaried by an organisation, nor am I paid by a church or by a charitable foundation. It’s just me as an individual, trying to make the world a brighter and more diverse place for LGBTQ people – especially when it comes to faith communities.

Much what I do is unseen and behind the scenes: I support lots of LGBTQ individuals on their coming out journeys via email and phone, being there when they need help and someone to listen, giving advice and helping them take the leap to come out of the ‘closet’.

I support churches in the UK (and some in the USA) as they transition to become LGBTQ-inclusive, which can be a long and complex process for any congregation to navigate.

I work with senior members of faith-based hierarchies in the Church of England and beyond; helping those at the top understand how church policy and theology needs to change.

I also work with the government – members of Parliament, members of the House of Lords, and Special Advisors – on policy change and on prioritising LGBTQ equality within the national agenda.

Some of my equality work is more publicly visible but it’s also unpaid; doing national media on TV and radio (BBC, Sky News, etc) to speak out about diversity and inclusion, giving keynote speeches at events that have no budget, and contributing to unpaid national news articles on faith and LGBTQ equality.

All of this work is incredibly meaningful as I see hearts and minds changing in front of my eyes. I see formerly anti-gay and anti-trans churches transitioning to treat everybody equally.

I see leaders in the UK government radically shifting their viewpoint and committing to making this a strong focus in their portfolio.

The problem is that it’s almost all unpaid. It’s work that I want to say yes to, but I have to keep a roof over my head. I can only continue with this equality work if I receive financial support from those who believe in what I’m doing. Otherwise, I’ll need to transition full-time into the more ‘traditional’ and reliable corporate part of my work portfolio. That feels sad to me as LGBTQ advocacy feels like my vocation in life. 

There are several ways you can support my work. Big or small, all your donations make a difference:

An easy online method is Paypal – using this Paypal link. (My Paypal address is 

Paypal allows you to include a message with your donation, so do say hello there. 

Another option is to send a cheque (or ‘check’ in the American spelling!) via post made out to Vicky Beeching. If you would like this address, get in touch via the Contact Page and ask for the address to mail a cheque to. (I no longer have a PoBox as it was too expensive to rent one).

If you’d rather give via online banking, I can send you my details including IBAN and SWIFT codes for those overseas. (For that bank information, or if you have any other questions about supporting my work, drop me a line via the Contact Page on this website).

Thank you for supporting my equality work and making it possible for me to continue doing it. Your support will help change lives, churches, and society.

Thank you!