Church Times article, 31 Jan 2014

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I wrote for The Church Times this week (the leading Church of England newspaper, with a weekly circulation of over 34k subscribers).

My article was about why anyone my age would want to ‘bother’ attending Church and whether Church has a place in our digital age.

You can read it here.You can read it here.

  • Shea

    Just saw your video on your coming out. I must say, your bravery is astonishing and the purity that you have chosen to walk in until you have worked things out leaves me absolutely _speechless_. I thought about commenting on one of your most recent, more relevant posts, but the muck on there is too hard to wade through. I thought I might be lost in the crowd, so I came down here to post where you might actually SEE it. ;)
    I just wanted you to know that I am releasing protection for you. Seriously. I have been asking God to cover your heart and your spirit from the religious crazy things that people have been/will say. I will continue to cover you in prayer for protection and wisdom. Just wanted you to know that there are people in the US church who care about people’s hearts and know how to unconditionally love them.
    Blessings to you, Sweet lady!
    Shea – Bethel, Redding

  • David Neame

    I am not quite your age, but feel very relevant to your discussion. I have lost my faith in the church as a body of Christ. I continuously witness my brothers and sisters judge people and manifest their inner unresolved issues as the word of God. They seem to have no empathy or understanding in how to communicate to those with mental health issues… or indeed those who have various issues relating to sexual identity. I have a friend who was ostracised (after being baptised), when he informed his home group of his sexual identity. I felt ashamed then. He found a church in Brighton who understood that Jesus loved everyone.
    I realise I will have to answer to God one day because of my own judging. But I simply do not feel safe in church, or have the slightest inclination to attend anymore. I do not have anything in common, except for being born again. This no longer seems enough for me. I do not want to deal with the control, hidden aggressors or bigotry. Their need to ‘change people’, and that half the stuff they say is not my idea of what or who God really is.
    I was involved with the laying on of hands years ago, which resulted in me believing that my feelings were demons. Hence never working through my stuff and examining myself so that I may grow as a human being. I had led a life of relationship with food disorders, resulting in substance and alcohol addiction. I ended up returning to my safe place, ending in up rehabs twenty years later with a long term heroin addiction.
    I am now qualified as a therapist and have been working in the substance misuse and mental health services for a few years. I find more in common with my clleagues who examine theirselves, rather than christians who appear to refuse to do this, and who believe pyschotherapy as being from the devil. I will not mention here the stories of how my church have treated those attending church who survived childhood sexual abuse. It makes me feel ashamed. I do not witness for Christ any more, as I would not want them to go along to a place that will further damage them, and leave them devoid of any hope at all.
    I realise I now have important personal choices to make, and although I do forgive – I simply do not want to be amongst all this anymore. When I read of the hurful remarks made against you Vicky… I am left hurt and bewildered. I am simply grateful that I have been able to grasp the message of unconditional love of Jesus (or trying to).
    I haven’t a clue if your sexuality is right or wrong, but I couldn’t care less. I know that you need love – just as I do. If it is a sin… then I am most certainly not in a position to cast the first stone. I am very interested, and open to reading the alternative views on same sex relationships etc. I have a deep sense within me that something isn’t right with the conditioned viewpoint.
    I like the way you have spoken to the media Vicky, you speak very well and I feel very proud of you. I wish you well on your journey, you’re in my thoughts and prayers, and I will follow it with interest.
    Warm regards, Dave x