After graduating from Oxford University, Vicky trained in management consultancy, leadership development, and executive coaching. Helping others reach their full potential has always been a key passion for her.

Now an in-demand speaker and coach, she has worked with companies including KPMG, PwC, EY, the BBC, The Telegraph, Adobe, Co-Op Group and Linklaters, always achieving outstanding feedback.

Vicky's career has been multi-faceted over the years, including a period spent working Stateside in Nashville and California. She has been involved in the music, journalistic, and broadcasting industries. But alongside all of it, her involvement in corporate leadership coaching has remained a strong and steady facet of her work portfolio.

Today, Vicky's corporate coaching focuses on intensive leadership development; the place of purpose, meaning, and identity in career progression; the crucial role of authenticity; stress management; personal sustainability; improved models for 360 feedback; advanced public speaking training, and mastery of your online professional presence.

Her goal is to see dramatic shifts in each person she coaches - watching them step into their full potential and overcome whatever obstacles are holding them back.

She has developed an especially strong reputation for helping women progress from middle management roles into senior and executive positions.

Vicky also works equally well coaching men, mostly focusing on senior leaders and CEOs. She has a track record of helping male leaders increase their 'emotional intelligence' skillset; learning to communicate better with staff and developing a more intuitive and personable approach in their interactions.

Her coaching can tie in with her Diversity and Inclusion work, or stand alone. But both have a synergy that makes her skillset quite unique; hence why she has won various awards for her work, including a European Diversity Award in 2016.

Vicky's eventful life-journey so far has been profiled by Time Magazine, The Huffington Post, BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour, and will be published in a memoir she is currently writing for Harper Collins.

Her personal journey provides extra wisdom and nuance to her coaching, as she has seen first-hand the cost of not being true to who you are, and the damaging impact on wellbeing that is often associated with this. (Read about her journey here).

Many trainers simply pull out cookie-cutter materials, regardless of who the client may be. Vicky takes a very personal approach, tailoring her content to the specific organization, and individual, concerned.

Every coaching programme is somewhat bespoke: She liaises at length with those bringing her in, finding out exactly what their goals and requirements are, then draws from her library of personal material to produce a unique course with measurable results.

Her core components are:

  • Helping each person define their purpose (in career and wider life) which provides a strong foundation for career development.
  • Helping each person define what 'success' means to them, in terms of their career, and what promotion goals they should (and shouldn't) be chasing after.
  • The crucial importance of authenticity for personal resilience and personal sustainability.
  • Identifying areas that need strengthening and a strategic plan for self-development.
  • Increasing confidence and expertise in public speaking; whether for a group presentation, auditorium keynote speech, or board room meeting. How to effectively plan, write and rehearse a speech is also covered.
  • Creating a compelling online presence. As a social media 'ninja' with over 70,000 twitter followers, Vicky is passionate about getting leaders in the corporate workplace engaged with digital tools. The more a person is respected externally, the more respected they'll be by their internal corporate work community. Using platforms like Twitter, WordPress, Instagram, and Facebook for professional advantage is covered, and the creation of a personal website to showcase your expertise.

If you've seen Vicky do a keynote speech, you'll be familiar with the way she lights up the room with energy, insight, and positivity. This characterizes her one-to-one coaching; her warmth, openness, vulnerability, and expertise creates a quick bond of trust, yet she is also able to speak candidly with clarity and confidence to ensure measurable results and lasting change.

What's the next step?

Drop Vicky a line via the Contact Page and book a free, initial phone-call about what your company is looking for from a coach, and how Vicky might be a good fit.

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