Vicky’s Trolls Get Creative – But So Do Her Brilliant Twitter Followers

23 June 2017


Vicky’s anti-gay trolls are pretty relentless, hence why she took a month off Twitter recently.

But today, they seem to have found a new way of expressing themselves. Their latest offering (the image above – with the sender’s name scribbled out) appears to read like a poem. Perhaps they are aspiring to become the next Shakespeare, Keats, or Wordsworth?!

Deciding that it sounded like a rap, Vicky tweeted: “Perhaps this could become my new theme song, played as walk-in music before I sing or speak anywhere…”

Then, one of her very supportive Twitter followers Simon Culley (a gay Christian from the UK) took up the challenge and messaged her an audio recording to make her smile.

Putting this troll’s poetic nastiness to music is good medicine for the soul. Many people in the LGBT community deal with online abuse constantly, so being able to take the power back and turn something nasty into something amusing provides some much-needed light relief….

But on a serious note, let this also be a reminder of the hate-speech that your LGBT friends/relatives/colleagues are quite possibly facing in their own online spaces. And let’s commit to supporting each other with that, so no one has to suffer it alone.

You can hear the Troll Song below – and thanks again to Simon Culley for the audio!