Sky News paper review Oct 5th 2013

06 October 2013

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Sky News paper review, 5th October 2013

Vicky reviewed the news papers on Sky News, with hosts Stephen Dixon and Gillian Joseph and co-guest Michael Booker from the Express. You can watch all three slots below.


6.40am slot: We discuss energy tariffs, Hamzah Khan, getting drunk on pasta (auto-brewery syndrome), Britain’s oldest newlyweds & viral meme cat “Grumpycat”.

7.40am: We discuss Syrian refugees, charity donations going to extremists, forecourt fuel thieves, wedding groom bomb-threat, TV detector vans & Miley Cyrus vs Sinead O’Connor.

8.40am: We discuss Taliban targeting Prince Harry, Pope Francis the revolutionary,  killer hornets coming to Britain, battery hens wearing tailored fleeces, new research on social media photos of food & man who fell asleep on railway track.