Vicky Beeching is a Writer, Broadcaster and LGBTQ Equality Campaigner. She is based in Kent, UK.

Vicky is a well-known contributor to UK media, appearing on Sky News, BBC One, Radio 4 and writing for publications like The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph. Her first book, Undivided, was published by HarperCollins in June 2018.

Her coming out story was featured on the front pages of two UK newspapers as it created powerful shock-waves in the Christian community. Watch her 'coming out' story on Channel 4 News here.

Her subsequent LGBTQ campaigning work has won awards and created significant national and international change. She has advised the United Nations on the intersection of faith and LGBTQ rights, and has been brought in as a keynote speaker on Corporate Diversity and Inclusion by companies including Adobe, KPMG, Sainsbury's, Argos, Ernst & Young and The Co-Op Group. She has also spoken in the Houses of Parliament and at both Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

However - alongside all of these accomplishments - Vicky faces extremely difficult challenges with her health. In the past two years, these degenerative conditions have worsened to the point where she's now able to manage very little.

Multiple chronic illness diagnoses have stacked up including Scleroderma, MECFS, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, PoTS and Fibromyalgia. The cumulative and worsening symptoms meant that Vicky's involvement in the public eye became physically unsustainable.

After the publication of her book in the summer of 2018, Vicky pushed herself beyond her limits to get the book out into the world. Afterwards, her health completely 'crashed'. Today she is housebound much of the time due to pain and fatigue and often reliant on an electric wheelchair.

Despite these challenges, Vicky continues to be passionate about LGBTQ equality. She still gets involved, albeit from behind the scenes, and does all she can to help others with their coming journeys and to be a voice for change within political and faith-based leadership.

If you'd like to support this aspect of her life, visit the "Support Vicky " page of this website.

If you'd just like to drop her a message, Vicky can be contacted here.

If you haven't read her book "UNDIVIDED" and would like to, you can get a copy from Amazon or a bookstore near you.