Welcome to my contact page. Here you'll find ways to get in touch via email, or by post.

I'm a keynote speaker, so get in touch if you have a corporate diversity event where you'd like me to speak about my story and the need for us to be fully ourselves at work.

I deliver one-to-one executive leadership coaching, so drop me a line if you want a phone conversation about whether I can add value to your organisation and staff team.

I'm a freelance writer, always open to being commissioned to write opinion pieces, so drop me a line if you're an editor looking for content. I regularly write for places like The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, DIVA Magazine and the New Statesman. Topics I often cover are: religion, LGBT equality, mental health awareness, women's issues, the ethical minefield of online technology/artificial intelligence/virtual reality (which is my PhD topic), and left-leaning politics. My first book, a memoir, will be published by Harper Collins in 2018.

I'm a broadcaster, presenting occasional programmes for channels including BBC1, and frequently on-air as a current affairs commentator. Message me below if you think I'd be a good fit for your programme.

Postal Address:

You can write to me at the following P.o.Box. Letters and parcels are both accepted. 

Vicky Beeching

Box 2011

28 Old Brompton Rd




General emails:

If you simply want to say hello, or share your reflections on my work/writing, you can use the contact form below, too. If you are writing about personal and confidential matters (many people contact me with questions related to their own orientation/identity/faith/journey), please be assured that I will treat your message with the utmost respect and privacy.

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