Sadly, at the moment, due to my chronic illnesses (Scleroderma, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and ME/CFS), I'm too unwell to do interviews, contribute to books, be on podcasts, take part in documentaries, or do any speaking engagements - including on Zoom/Skype. If that changes, I'll update this page to let you all know. I'm also not well enough to respond individually to emails that are work-related, so unfortunately any emails about work-related enquiries will not receive a response as I'm currently signed off work due to my illnesses.

Thanks for visiting my website and for wanting to get in touch.

Right now, I'm managing very little indeed and am mostly housebound and using an electric wheelchair for mobility. It's a very sad situation and each year I seem to be deteriorating more and managing less. I miss my 'old life' so much and everything I used to be able to do. My medical diagnoses were gradually worsening during the writing of my book, then at the end of 2019 my health took a total nose-dive and hasn't improved since.

Today in 2023, I'm significantly disabled and trying to adapt to a very different way of life reliant on my electric wheelchair and struggling to even manage the basic aspects of daily living. I've had to step away from all work and focus on my doctors' advice to minimise any stress in my life and focus on their protocols for medication and ways to try and manage my conditions. Doing so is the only chance I have to avoid them becoming any more severe.

If you are interested in supporting me in a practical way at this very difficult time (as a few people wanted to know how) you can visit my "Support Vicky" web page. That page also includes more details about my current health issues.

As outlined above, I'm not currently accepting any work invitations, but for those wanting to get in touch about other things e.g. to share your thoughts after reading my book, or to share your own story or journey with me, the best email to reach me on is vickybee1979 (at) hotmail (dot) com (I've typed it like that so that spam bots can't just lift the email address and send me spam messages). This email address is also listed on my Support page too.

Although I'm not physically able to reply to every message I receive (which I apologise for in advance) I do read every single message and they are very meaningful to me. I always love hearing your reflections on my book and hearing about your own journey with the topics that I have written and spoken about.

If you're on social media you can follow me on Twitter,   Instagram or  Facebook although I'm not very active on them at the moment due to my ill-health.