Well, hello there! Thanks for wanting to get in touch with me.

If you've read my book and would like to say hello and tell me what you thought of it, I'd love that. Feel free to use the Contact Form below. Although I'm not physically able to reply to every message I receive, which I apologise for in advance, I do read every single message and they are very meaningful to me!

If you're wanting to get in touch about a public-speaking booking, or to commission me to write an article or do TV or radio work, unfortunately at the moment I'm unable to do those things. Over the past eighteen months, my health has deteriorated to the point where these are not physically possible. I have a number of chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases and have been battling them for a while now. Since the autumn of 2018, they've pretty much kept me out of the public eye. Hopefully, this won't be forever, but I'll update this page if that changes.

With the small amount of energy and capacity I do still have, my passion for LGBTQ equality campaigning continues! I'm involved behind the scenes as much as I can manage.

If you are interested in supporting me in a practical way (as a few people said they'd like to and wanted to know how) you can visit my "Support Vicky" web page for more details on that.

Also, if you're on social media you can follow me on Twitter,   on Instagram or on Facebook.  It would be great to connect with you on one of those social sites.