Welcome to my contact page. Here you'll find out how to get in touch via email and how to support the Equality Campaigning work that I do.

I'm a freelance writer, always open to being commissioned to write opinion pieces, so drop me a line if you're an editor looking for content. I regularly write for places like The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Huffington Post and the New Statesman. Topics I often cover are: religion, LGBT equality, mental health awareness, women's issues, the ethical minefield of online technology/artificial intelligence/virtual reality (which is my PhD topic), and left-leaning politics. My first book, a memoir, was published by Harper Collins in June 2018.

I'm a broadcaster, presenting programmes for channels including BBC1 and frequently on-air as a current affairs commentator. Contact me below if you think I'd be a good fit for your programme.

I'm a keynote speaker, so get in touch if you have a corporate diversity event where you'd like me to speak about my story and the need for us to be fully authentic at work. I also speak on mental health awareness and share about my own experiences with depression and anxiety, and my desire for the taboo around this topic to be broken. More about this on my Speaking page.

Postal Address:

I used to have a publicly advertised P.O. Box address, but I decided to close it. The old address can no longer receive mail. I will not be opening a new public P.O.Box. 

Financially supporting my work: 

Recently, a few people have asked if there is a way to support the Equality Campaigning work that I do through one-off, or more regular, financial giving. I spend a lot of my time corresponding with LGBTQ people who are seeking advice and doing other important, but unpaid, work to promote the cause of LGBTQ inclusion. I am not on the staff of a salaried organization, or paid by a Foundation. Other aspects of my work portfolio do pay, like corporate speaking or writing articles, but I would love to give more time to the equality work which does not. To support that part of my work portfolio, the best way to give is online via Paypal using this Paypal link.  My Paypal address is Paypal allows you to include a message with your donation, so do say hello there. If you don't use Paypal and would like to send a cheque by post, send a message below and ask for the right address to post it to. (I no longer have a P.O. Box address as I closed it in August 2018). Many thanks for supporting my work - it means more than I can say.

General emails:

If you want to drop me a line about what you thought of my book, or about your own journey with faith, identity, and equality, feel free. I love hearing from you all. Unfortunately, due to the volume of emails I receive, I'm no longer able to respond to every person.

If you are needing help and support, I recommend contacting a helpline like Switchboard LGBT. If you live outside the UK you can contact Switchboard LGBT via email or instant messenger.

If you're wanting to know what books to read on LGBT theology, start with Matthew Vines' 'God and the Gay Christian', then read James Brownson's 'Bible Gender Sexuality'. Both are on Amazon. If you're looking for an LGBT friendly church in the UK, visit the Inclusive Church directory. Similar directories exist in the USA if you Google them.

Thanks again for supporting me and my work.

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