Thanks for visiting my website and for wanting to get in touch.

If you are interested in supporting me in a practical way (as a few people wanted to know how) you can visit my "Support Vicky" web page.

Sadly, at the moment, due to my chronic illness (Scleroderma, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, etc), I'm too unwell to do interviews, be on podcasts, or do any speaking engagements, including on Zoom/Skype. If that changes, I'll update this page to let you all know.

To contact me, the best email to reach me on is vickybee1979 (at) hotmail (dot) com (I've typed it like that so that spam bots can't just lift the email address and send me spam messages).

Although I'm not physically able to reply to every message I receive (which I apologise for in advance) I do read every single message and they are very meaningful to me.

If you're on social media you can follow me on Twitter,   on Instagram or on Facebook although I'm rarely on there due to ill health.

Also - it's come to my attention that this page, which used to have a 'Contact Form' instead of an email address, has not been working properly since September 2022 due to a tech issue.  If you have messaged me between September 2022 and now (January 2023) I am very sorry to say that your message has not reached me and was auto-deleted by the website's mail system. Do contact me again via the email address above.