"Once again I want to thank you for yesterday; the feedback has been absolutely amazing. Everyone who attended the session found it fascinating - and your story was truly inspirational. Many of those that have attended have said that they were personally touched by your story and are now seeking to change something in their lives as a result. You really have set the bar very high for us to find next year’s keynote speaker". - Lynda Brennan, BNP Paribas

“Vicky is an inspiring role model and captivating speaker. She was a featured speaker at one of KPMG’s landmark events, presenting in front of a packed house. Vicky held the audience with her warmth, humour and honesty as she spoke. Feedback from attendees at the event was hugely positive, with many people moved by Vicky’s conviction, energy and positivity. Book her without hesitation.” - David Pearson, Associate Director, KPMG

"Vicky, thank you for coming to The Crown Estate and sharing your perspective and inspirational story. We have received fabulous feedback from the attendees, and your talk has certainly inspired many of us with our journey regarding building a really inclusive and high-performing culture." - Stuart Allan, Head of HR, The Crowne Estate

"Thank you so much for your talk last week. Your honesty was inspiring! I’ve received lots of great feedback on it, and it’s certainly given our people plenty of food for thought."  - Jenny Lloyd, Linklaters LLP

“Your authenticity and passion, driven from the heart by personal experience, is tangible - I can't think of any organisation that wouldn't learn from you.” -  Wing Commander Sarah Maskell, RAF

"Vicky is a courageous woman and a captivating speaker who uses the power of her story to inspire others. She is a role model and a vital voice." - Ruth Hunt, CEO Stonewall


Vicky Beeching is an inspiring, compelling, and entertaining speaker. Her main focus is in the corporate sector, speaking on diversity and inclusion and talent development.

She delivers leadership training in masterclasses and also gives coaching to senior staff, executive teams, and CEOs.

Often Vicky is invited to give a one-off keynote speech about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She has been brought in to do events like these by companies including: KPMG, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Linklaters, BNP Paribas, M&G Investments, Prudential, The Co-Op Group, The Crowne Estate, The Daily Telegraph, and Heathrow Airport.

Vicky tailors each keynote specifically to the needs of the event and has one or more consultation phone meetings with event organisers to learn where they are in their D&I journey, and what themes they would like her to focus on in her talk.

Her blend of intellect, humour, story-telling and motivation are compelling and leave a deep impact.

What do others say?

“Vicky Beeching has a unique gift - she conveys her individual journey in a way that inspires everyone to be true to themselves; to unlock both professional and personal success. She also brings an international, LGBT, and faith-based approach to inclusion. This focuses on the complexities of individuals and the need for us to understand each other more deeply in order to work together, provide solutions to clients, and to move forward as organizations.”- Daniel Winterfeldt, Partner at CMS Cameron McKenna

"We had incredibly positive feedback from the event - most of that related to Vicky’s talk. It was extremely honest, funny and engaging. I have heard people discussing it and quoting her phrases ever since! The way Vicky spoke about multiple identities, and touched on all aspects of our activities, really spoke to people and helped them all to feel part of the event. Thanks to Vicky, we now have a very eager team of volunteers who are keen to do great things and to share the message throughout our workforce. We can’t thank Vicky enough for sharing her story with us in such a powerful way." - Clare Harvey, Senior Consultant & Diversity Specialist, KPMG

"Vicky gave a brilliant, thought-provoking talk. We attracted the maximum capacity for our venue to hear her speak for 45 minutes. Through a frank and moving account of her life, Vicky spoke of the destructive effect which self-denial of her gay identity had on her - and how her life and well-being had been transformed since her coming out. This was brilliantly linked back to the workplace and made everyone think about the importance of all staff being themselves. I would highly recommend Vicky to any organisation for corporate speaking events and will certainly consider inviting her to another event in the future." - Colette Comerford, Inclusion Manager, M&G Investments