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Vicky Beeching is an Oxford-educated theologian, writer, broadcaster and presenter specialising in the areas of religion and ethics. She is also passionate about feminism. She is based in London.

Vicky is a regular guest on TV and radio shows like BBC News, Sky News Sunrise, BBC Breakfast, ITV’s Daybreak, BBC1′s Sunday Morning Live, Channel 5 News, BBC 1′s The Big Questions, BBC Radio 4′s Sunday, BBC 2′s Good Morning Sunday with Clare Balding, BBC London 94.9 and numerous local BBC stations.

She is a Thought For The Day contributor on Radio 4′s Today programme, with 7 million daily listeners. She is a Pause For Thought contributor on the Chris Evans breakfast show, with a daily audience of 9 million listeners.

As a freelance presenter, her radio work was nominated for a 2014 Sandford St Martin Award. Vicky also scripts and presents TV news reports for various channels; most recently she presented a piece for Sky News reporting on the Church of England’s women bishops vote. During her years Stateside she guest-presented breakfast radio shows and regularly emceed live events of over ten thousand people.

In the press she’s given specialist comment on religious topics like the church’s journey toward women bishops, the church’s stance on same-sex marriage, the appointment of Pope Francis, and ongoing commentary on the work of Archbishop Justin Welby.

Vicky also writes by-lined content for national newspapers like The Guardian, The Independent, The New Statesman and sites like BBC Religion and Ethics Online.

Her journey:

Vicky studied Theology (Religion and Ethics) at Oxford University (BA Hons & Masters). After graduating she was torn between pursuing a career in further academic work or in media and music. Her decision was made when a USA talent agency headhunted her; she was offered a recording contract with (what was then) the biggest Christian record label in the world – EMI’s Sparrow Records. Accepting their offer, Vicky relocated to the States for almost a decade, living in the ‘Bible Belt’ of Nashville Tennessee and becoming a familiar face and voice in American Christian media.

Writing songs that appeared on gold albums, Vicky’s compositions feature in the ‘top 25 most sung’ in North American churches. Her lyrics have been translated into a multiplicity of languages and hundreds of thousands of people sing her songs in churches across the globe every month. Her music has been part of the soundtrack to a generation of Christian teenagers’ lives. In addition to Vicky’s religious music, her broader songwriting has been short-listed for Disney movies and her co-writers include names like The Civil War’s Joy Williams.

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Vicky has shared the stage with Mumford and Son’s Marcus Mumford, Switchfoot, Daniel Bedingfield and a host of others. She regularly played to audiences of 10k people during her American and Canadian tours. Whether guest-hosting radio breakfast shows, speaking at the California Government’s prayer breakfast alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, emceeing events for Disney, recording songs for EMI, or writing content for magazines, her warm personality and passion won her a committed following.

Moving back to the UK three years ago, Vicky is now based in central London and splits her time between broadcasting on TV and radio, academic research (Durham University – doctoral studies), and writing.

Her doctoral research has explored several different avenues so far. One is the impact of online technology on societal behaviour. She has given comment on numerous TV and radio programmes about this (see the Technology page on this site for more). Another avenue she researches is the theology of human sexuality; specifically, what the Biblical texts actually say about same-sex relationships/marriage. This latter topic will be the focus of her doctoral thesis, which she is in the process of writing.

Vicky is an open minded person of faith who respects people of all beliefs and none. She doesn’t fit into a typical box, which makes her refreshing and engaging. She brings with her over 40k Twitter followers and over 8k Facebook fans who actively engage with her media appearances and her academic topics of interest. Vicky represents ‘new media’ at its fullest and most current and this makes her an energising and innovative person to work with.

Vicky is represented by Knight Ayton Management for TV and Radio work in the UK. Get in touch via the contact page on this website, via Knight Ayton’s office, or via Vicky’s Twitter account.