Ways To Support Vicky


Thanks for your interest in finding out how I’m doing these days.  A lot of people say to me: “You used to be on social media, TV, and radio all the time, but we seem to see you less and less on there. We wondered if you were OK?”

My involvement in the media and in the public LGBTQ equality movement used to be prolific until my chronic health issues worsened. I regularly appeared on national TV and radio (BBC One, Sky News, Channel 4, ITV), sometimes multiple times per week, as well as writing for national newspapers like The Guardian, and gave keynote speeches at large diversity events.

I seemed able to ‘pull it together’ for these appearances, but behind the scenes my health had been up and down for years as a result of autoimmune illness. Many of the public engagements I did were followed by pain and fatigue so intense that it left me stuck in bed for days as a result of my chronic conditions.

Launching my book with Harper Collins in the Spring of 2018 was one of the last big public things I managed, along with months of media and promo-events that took up the remainder of that year. This worsened my chronic fatigue and autoimmune symptoms significantly and forced me to transition into doing equality campaign work that’s behind the scenes rather than in the public eye, and as a result, involves less travel, less intensity and less crazy hours.

Today, in 2022, I’m sad to say that my condition has worsened again and I’m unable to do much at all besides trying to follow doctors orders to cut back as much as I can on anything that induces stress or fatigue (both of which dramatically worsen my autoimmune symptoms). I live in hope that someday my health will improve as I dearly miss everything I used to do.

I’ll always be glad I wrote and published “Undivided”. Many people have told me that it helped them in their own journey, which makes everything worthwhile. The cost to my health was high though and I’ve never really bounced back from pushing myself way beyond my limits.

Some of you, hearing that my health is a challenge right now, have asked how you can support me. Firstly, the biggest thing you could do is to champion the causes that I love: promoting LGBTQ equality in society (especially in faith communities) and trying to change laws on issues like the harmful practice of ‘conversion therapy’.

In addition to that, some of you have asked if you could donate a few pounds/dollars towards my personal overheads as I deal with less capacity to sustain myself due to chronic fatigue and autoimmune issues. You are extremely kind to offer and are welcome to do so via Paypal. You can use this Paypal link (my Paypal address is vickybee1979@hotmail.com). If you’d rather give via online banking or cheque, drop me a line via the same email address: vickybee1979@hotmail.com. I’m humbled by your kindness and am really grateful.

Thank you for supporting me – whether that’s by cheering me on and wishing me well, or championing the causes that I love, by offering up a few prayers for my health, or by more practical means. Your kindness and support means more than I can say.