Support Vicky’s Equality Work


Recently, a few people have asked if there is a way to support the LGBTQ equality work that I spend a lot of my energy on.

Professionally, I work as a corporate diversity consultant, writer, author and keynote speaker. I take on a portfolio of paid corporate diversity consultancy (clients have included KPMG, Ernst & Young, Prudential, Sainsburys), keynote speaking (e.g. at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Adobe’s Marketing Summit and the House of Commons), and various writing work (a memoir for Harper Collins, articles for the Telegraph, Guardian) and TV work (BBC, Channel 4, Sky News) to pay my bills.

However, my first love is really the LGBT equality work that I spend every spare moment doing in my evenings and weekends. 

Much is that behind the scenes – supporting LGBTQ individuals on their coming out journeys via email and phone, supporting churches as they transition to becoming LGBTQ-inclusive, working with the government (MPs, members of the House of Lords, and Special Advisors) on policy change, and writing unpaid articles for newspapers and magazines.

Some of this work is more visible, but is also unpaid; for example, doing national media on TV and radio (BBC, Sky News, etc) to speak out about LGBTQ inclusion, giving keynote speeches at events that have no budget, and contributing to unpaid national news articles.

Often it’s the unpaid events and engagements that are the most impactful and that I want to say yes to, but they are usually on days or at times when I have to do my corporate work.

I can only say yes to them if I receive financial support from those who believe in what I’m doing to cover the cost of my time, as I have to decline paid work in order to do the unpaid work. If you believe in what I’m doing, feel free to support me – big or small, it all makes a difference.

There are several ways you can support my work:

An easy online method is Paypal – using this Paypal link. (My Paypal address is 

Paypal allows you to include a message with your donation, so do say hello there. 

Another option is to send a cheque by post made out to Vicky Beeching. The address for this is:

Box 650
95 Wilton Rd,

(This PoBox cannot accept anything larger than a letter – parcels, books, or other items cannot be processed or accepted as it’s a ‘letters only’ address and any parcels will, unfortunately, be returned to the sender.)

If you’d rather give via online banking, I can send you my details including IBAN and SWIFT codes for those overseas. For that information, or if you have any other questions about supporting my work, just drop me a line via the Contact Page on this site.

Thank you for supporting my LGBTQ equality work – it means more than I can say. It’s a part of my life that I’d like to give more time to and your support enables that. Thank you!