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Financially supporting Vicky Beeching’s work

Recently, a few people have asked if there is a way to support the equality campaigning work that I do through one-off or more regular financial giving.

I find myself at a crossroads as we start 2019, unsure if I can afford to give so much time each month to LGBTQ equality campaigning. I’m having to consider whether I move away from it and pursue an entirely different line of work in order to make ends meet. I love this work and really hope I can continue with it – hopefully, with your support, I can.

There’s a lot to it and much is behind the scenes – supporting LGBTQ individuals on their coming out journeys, supporting churches as they transition to becoming LGBTQ-inclusive, working with the government (MPs, members of the House of Lords, and Special Advisors) on policy change.

Some of it is more visible but also unpaid; for example, doing national media on TV and radio to speak out about LGBTQ inclusion, speaking at events that have no budget, and contributing to national news articles.

Financial support has not been something I’ve needed in the past, but since losing my former music career after coming out as gay, I now spend my time writing, speaking, and taking every chance I can to get out a message of LGBTQ inclusion.

Some of these opportunities are paid, but many are not. Often it’s the unpaid ones that are the most impactful and that I want to say yes to, but I also have to keep a roof over my head 🙂

I’m not salaried, not on the staff of an organisation, church, or charity, and I do not have a Foundation funding me, so at times money can be tight. I’d love to be able to say yes to more of the work that doesn’t pay but is equally important. I spend a lot of time replying to enquires from LGBTQ people seeking help, advice, and to be linked up with resources in their local area. It’s unpaid but important things like this that I wish I could do more of.

For those who are asking – there are several ways you can support my work financially.

An easy online method is Paypal – using this Paypal link. (My Paypal address is 

Paypal allows you to include a message with your donation, so do say hello there. Every little helps, so no gift of support is too small. Just buying me a coffee means I can use a coffee shop as my ‘office’ for a few hours, so it all makes a difference.

Another option is to send a cheque by post made out to Vicky Beeching. The address for this is:

Box 650
95 Wilton Rd,

(This PoBox cannot accept anything larger than a letter – parcels, books, or other items cannot be processed or accepted as it’s a ‘letters only’ address as of January 2019 and parcels will returned to the sender.)

If you’d rather give via online banking, I can send you my details including IBAN and SWIFT codes for those overseas. For that information, or if you have any other questions about supporting my work, just drop me a line via the Contact Page on this site.

Thank you for supporting my LGBTQ equality work – it means more than I can say.