Vicky has appeared on radio as a host, co-host and guest throughout North America and Europe.

Vicky has featured on Radio 4′s Sunday, The Moral Maze and Beyond Belief, Radio 2′s Good Morning Sunday, LBC 97.3, BBC London 94.9 and many other programmes.

 Reviewing current affairs, speaking on ethics and social media, and providing Thought For The Day style broadcasts are things Vicky regularly does and enjoys.

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Radio 4

“Sunday” Programme

Vicky was a guest on Sunday on a special hour long feature on the morality of the Internet. She and two other panelists debated this for an hour, discussing how the web relates to ethics and faith.

Listen to this programme here.


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Radio 4

The Moral Maze

Vicky was a guest on Moral Maze debating the ethics of social media and that new technologies like these can be a positive influence on our morality as a society.

The programme was hosted by Michael Buerke, with Michael Portillo, Giles Fraser, Kenan Malik and Claire Fox.

Listen here.



Radio 4

“Beyond Belief”

Vicky was a guest on Beyond Belief, hosted by Ernie Rea. They discussed the future of ‘evangelicalism’ in the modern Church.

Listen to this programme here.



 Radio 2

Good Morning Sunday Programme with Aled Jones

Vicky was invited to chat with Aled about the place of new technology and social media within religion.

Listen to this programme here.



LBC Radio  

Julia Hartley-Brewer Show

Vicky was a guest on Julia’s show discussing whether religion can and should ever be the brunt of jokes, and why some religions can be laugh at and others can’t.

Listen here.



LBC Radio

Ian Collins Show

Vicky was a guest on Ian Collin’s ‘Rountable Show’ which she has featured on many times before.

The other guest was Stephen Pound, MP, and the three discussed news stories from the past week.

You can listen here.


LBC Radio

The James Whale Drive-time Show

Vicky was a guest on James Whale’s debate show.

Listen above.



BBC London 94.9

Vicky was a guest on BBC London 94.9 giving comment on the social media etiquette of Paris Brown and the MET police officers, all of whom faced public outcry and dismissal/resignation over their inappropriate use of Twitter.

As a Research Fellow in Internet Ethics, Vicky often comments on social media stories and how they intersect with morality and the law.

You can listen to it here.



 LBC Radio

The Paper Review

Vicky reviewed the newspapers on Ian Collin’s LBC evening radio show.

You can listen to it here.


BBC Sussex & also simulcast on BBC Surrey

Thought For The Day

Vicky wrote and delivered a Thought For The Day on these two BBC stations.

You can listen to it here.



American Radio:

Vicky now lives in London, but during her eight years living Stateside she appeared on numerous American stations.

These include K-Love and Air-1 ”whose programming is carried on over 440 FM stations and translators in 45 states” with “an audience of 250,000 people each week via the Internet and more than 5 million listeners weekly on the radio network”. Some of the most listened to K-LOVE stations are in Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Kansas City and San Antonio each averaging between 200-400 thousand listeners each week” (source).

Vicky has also been on KLTY (94.9 FM), which alongside K-LOVE “is considered the #1 Christian station in America” (source).

Several times a year Vicky took dedicated ‘radio tours’ across the USA, hitting around 15 stations a week, across approx 8 States.

These tours involved starting each day with a breakfast show, driving a few hours to the next station, doing the lunchtime show, driving onward to another station’s afternoon show, then another station to pre-record material for the following morning.

Stations on both sides of the Pond that have featured Vicky include:

Radio 4

Radio 2

LBC Radio

BBC London 94.9

BBC Sussex

BBC Surrey

105.3 The Fish Los Angeles, CA

KWave, Los Angeles, CA

KTIS, St Paul, MN

94FM The Fish, Nashville, TN

Shine 89.7FM, Bourbonnais, IL

Star 88.3, 101FM, Kalamazoo, MI

Total Axxess, WAY-FM, Nashville TN

KLOVE, Sacramento, CA

Woman To Woman, Premier, UK

Life 102.5, Madison, WI

KPRZ, San Diego, CA

JQ99, Grand Rapids, MI

CrossRhythms Radio, Stoke, UK

Air-1, Sacramento, CA

91.3 WCSG, Grand Rapids, MI

Smile FM, 88.1, Lansing, MI

UCB Radio, Stoke, UK

Star 88.3, Fort Wayne, IN

AAW, Kansas City, KS

WQME 98.7, Anderson, IN

WDCX, Buffalo, NY

Spirit 929FM, St Cloud, MN

WNWC, Madison, WI

WFRN, Elkhart, IN

Pulse FM, South Bend, IN

WCSG, Grand Rapids, MI

WKIE, Louisville, KY

88.3 The Walk, Indianapolis, IN