Watch Vicky’s keynote from the Gay Christian Network conference

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Watch Vicky’s keynote from the Gay Christian Network conference in Portland Oregon. She spoke there on Saturday 10th Jan, 2015.

It’s had over 14 thousand views in just 7 days.

The video is online here:

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  1. Iain Strachan
    March 14, 2015 at 9:20 am — 

    Congratulations on a talk that was at times utterly heartbreaking but ultimately uplifting. As a “straight” Christian I decided about eight years ago that I needed to resolve what I thought about the whole issue of homosexuality, after seeing increasing evidence that it wasn’t a “lifestyle choice” which I had been taught to believe. Since then I have been pro-gay and pro-equal marriage and have made a stand on this in numerous forums and discussion groups. As a result I have been told that I have “strayed from the truth”, been called a “Liberal” – and moreover been frequently wantonly misrepresented and had my words twisted by the anti- lobby so I’ve had to say again and again “No that’s not what I said at all …”.

    This hasn’t stopped me – it has made me more determined that this is where I stand. I also was very much encouraged by what you said about silence and the contemplative traditions. About a year after “coming out” as pro-gay, I started attending Quaker meetings and have found many kindred spirits. On March 28th there is a double Quaker wedding in Oxford, where two couples will convert their civil partnerships into marriage – I’m very much hoping to be there!

    After I read your coming out article in the Independent, I listened to some of your music out of interest. Many of them were songs I had recognised as having sung (I also am a member of an evangelical CofE church that, alas, is not gay-affirming). But I was particularly struck and moved by your song “Undivided Heart”, that speaks of brokenness and darkness. It is a common theme in Christian worship songs and I’m sure I’ve sung similar – and can assent to it. But I wonder how hard it must have been for you to write and sing those words knowing what you were struggling with and having to keep hidden?

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